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PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) — The Placer County K9 shot during a gun battle with a murder suspect is almost fully recovered. Eros’ story has garnered a lot of attention, which has brought a spotlight to the important role K9 deputies play in crime fighting.

Eros is almost back to his old self. His K-9 handler, Deputy Kevin Thompson, said he will recover but the trauma has taken its toll.

“If you ask me-just in the last few weeks he’s gotten more gray. I’m more gray so we’ve gone gray together,” Thompson said with a slow smile.

On January 15 Eros was caught in the crossfire in a gun battle with a suspect who had killed one woman and injured another man during a shooting spree across Placer County.

“As bad as it was, it could have been a lot worse,” Thompson said.

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Thompson can’t get into the details of the investigation but says his partner’s bravery and loyalty were evident.

“After it happened, he came back to me and I took him to the vet within minutes. When he was laying on the table he was still turning and trying to see if I was ok,” Thompson said.

Thompson showed us the dog’s wounds.

“The bullet entered his hip bone and redirected right out here above his tail,” Thompson said.

Eros underwent surgery and eventually was released home to recover. And it was all documented on social media.

“It’s amazing. I had no idea there was going to be as much support as there has been. It’s been a huge help to me and other officers involved. I am very appreciative,” Thompson said.

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Since that tragic night, Thompson has reflected on role Eros and other K-9s play capturing criminals.

“They are able to use their nose, ears, speed, and agility to help us but at the same time they are here to protect us when we can’t do the job and they would do it again,” Thompson said.

Eros appears ready to get back to what he was bred and trained to do.

“It’s a dilemma. He is 9 years old. We try to work them until they are 10. But he has been through a lot,” Thompson said.

Thompson has had the Belgian Malinois since he was two. He would be happy if Eros got to stay home because he is a part of the family.

“He doesn’t want to stay home he wants to work. If would be very hard for him to see me get dressed and get in my patrol car and have him not go with me. You can’t ask for s better partner than a K9 to go to work with you every day,” Thompson said.


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