STOCKTON (CBS13) — A woman and her two-year-old child go unhurt after suspects fire 22 shots into a car they were riding in.

The San Joaquin County Sheriffs Department is actively searching for the shooters.

The violent drive-by attack took place at the intersection of F and Vine in Stockton Saturday night. Sheriff’s officials say a man was driving in the neighborhood with his girlfriend and her two-year-old child in the car when another car pulls alongside. The suspects opened fire, spraying the victim’s car with 22 rounds, striking the man twice. But miraculously, officials say, the woman and her child were not hit by any of the bullets.

A young man in the neighborhood, who didn’t wish to give his name, translated for his father, who saw it all unfold.

“My dad was driving down the street a few houses down and there was a car, and he heard some gunshots,” he said

“He just heard a pow, pow, pow, and that was it”

Sheriff’s officials are still trying to determine if the suspects knew the man and if he was the intended target. At last word, he was in stable condition.


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