SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – High Schools in California could require students to learn how to budget, how to bank, and how to use credit as a mandatory course in order to graduate.

Students are already required to take at least one semester of economics. Assembly Bill 1087 would specify what needs to get taught, including;

  • Fundamentals of banking for personal use
  • Principles of budgeting and personal finance
  • Employment and factors that affect net income
  • Uses and effects of credit

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A Bank of America and USA Today report compiled in 2016 surveyed young Americans and asked them what they wish they had learned more about in school. 43% said how to invest, 40% said how to do taxes, 26% responded with how to manage monthly bills, 22% said how to negotiate a salary, and 21% said how to save for retirement, how to buy a home, and how to prepare for a job interview.