By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento couple got an alarming surprise in Midtown earlier this month. They discovered two people in their downstairs apartment who had quickly made themselves at home.

“He was totally naked with my towel on him!” said Kari Halen. “It was just a total shock. I said ‘what are you doing here?’ He says ‘well we’re allowed to be here!’ I’m taken aback and I said ‘No, you’re not! This is my home!’”

It was an unwelcome surprise for Halen on a Friday afternoon.

“The first thing that hits me is the stench!” Halen said. “The smell is just astronomical.”

She walked into the apartment and spotted two strangers, a man and a woman, making themselves at home. Halen told CBS13 the woman was topless in her bathroom and claimed she got the house code from Zillow!

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“‘What is the code?’” Halen asked the man. “’Well that’s none of your business’ he says.”

Halen’s husband, Glenn Marshall, called the Sacramento Police Department.

“The man goes to me ‘you don’t have to call 911,’” Halen recounted. “Your door was open, I came in!’”

The couple soon ran outside, but Glenn followed them down the street.

“The police were right behind, arrested them right away!” Halen said.

51-year-old Randy Malone and 31-year-old Mauricsha Williams were charged with burglary. Marshall told CBS13 he and his wife had been in and out all day and he thinks he left the door unlocked.

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As Halen surveyed the damage, she discovered the couple had turned on every light in the house, turned the oven to broil and put an electric heater on the bed set on high.

“The only thing I could think of was that the house was gonna blow up!” Halen said.

She even found a pack of meat thawing in the sink. But little did the intruders know, it was a pack of dog food. Police believe the pair are likely homeless but told Halen it’s unusual to see such brazen intruders.

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“He knew I was here,” Halen said. “They were not surprised when I walked in the door!”

She hopes jail time is enough to deter the intruders from doing this again.

“I would like to see them processed to the full extent of the law!”

Halen and Marshall have already replaced their back fence with a much taller one. And told CBS13 they plan to put up surveillance cameras outside to catch any other intruders in the future.

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  1. Virginia Lee Cheromiah-Soards says:

    Thank God you are both ok

  2. The story says that Halen “surveyed the damage” but the story doesn’t mention any damage. Was there any? I also don’t understand a stench that was “astronomical.” As space (where astronomy is studied) is a vacuum, there is no stench there. Maybe Halen meant the stench was “tropical” or “urban” or “non-Caucasian.” And how is one “processed” to the full extent of the law? Finally, it seems like the term “naked” in the headline and story is meant to be sensational and needlessly pejorative. One person was wrapped in a towel, and the other was merely topfree. Neither was “naked.”

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