MODESTO (CBS13) – Thieves broke into a Modesto comic books store twice within 48 hours, taking off with about $5,000 worth of rare books and other merchandise.

This while the owner was at a comic book convention in Hawaii. It happened early Saturday morning at “Invincible Comics” on Orangeburg Ave.

“We found a large river rock thrown through the glass of the front door of the business and it was thrown so hard that it launched across the shop and went through the office door,” said Lloyd Beck, the owner’s father who is looking after the shop.

Beck said a young man, believed to be in his 20’s, was captured on surveillance video gaining entry through the hole in the glass. Once inside, he said, the suspect stole dozens of t-shirts and hats.

Then around 2 a.m. Monday morning, the owner’s parents believe the same suspect came back with an accomplice. The two suspects were caught on video again; breaking the glass door with a river rock. Only this time it didn’t shatter the glass.

Beck said one of the suspects cut themselves on the way in; leaving behind DNA evidence at the scene of the crime.

During the second incident, the thieves broke into a glass case; stealing rare “graded books.” One of them, an “Amazing Spiderman” comic worth about $1400 alone.

The owner is now on his way home from Honolulu. His parents said he opened the shop two and a half years ago, as a way to pursue his passion.

They told CBS13 their son, Sean Beck, struggled to read as a child, but became so enamored with comic books, he soon couldn’t put them down.

The shop is named after one of his favorite superheroes, “Invincible,” which he credits for helping him learn to read.

The Beck’s are hopeful someone will recognize the stolen comics if the thieves attempt to sell them and will report the suspects to police.

Beck hopes comic book fans keep an eye out for the rare comics.


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