SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Students in any California public or private school, grades one through 12, could soon be prohibited from performing dissections.

Assembly member Kalra introduced the bill last week that would ban dissection in all schools, altering the California education code.

The current law allows students who have a moral objection to dissecting an animal in class to refrain from the dissection and complete an alternate education project approved by their teacher that teaches the same lesson.

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This bill would prohibit all dissection of “an invertebrate or vertebrate animal, as specified, in the study of biological sciences, excluding fixed histological samples of any species.”

The bill was introduced last week into the legislature and has not yet been voted on or taken to a committee. You can read the full text of the bill here. 

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  1. Henry Sadowski says:

    I don’t think we need any more proof that California is run by ignorant, liberal, idiots…

  2. Craig Shapiro says:

    Yes! Cutting up animals is cruel and archaic. There is a wealth of high-tech alternatives that do the job better. Students also learn that animals aren’t lab equipment.

  3. Kim Marie says:

    As a native Californian I am completely in favor of banning dissection in my state. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, students can learn about science without being forced to cut up dead animals.

  4. Great! Dissection is cruel and unnecessary. Biology is the study of life and with all the technology that’s available, students can learn about anatomy without killing animals..

  5. Keith Ellis says:

    Part of the exploration in education is the do-it-yourself approach. Understanding how things are put together necessitates taking them apart. Images on a page or in a video are accepted by faith, but knowledge gained by doing stimulates more than recall. You have muscle and sensory cues that create a richer understanding. It’s the difference between book knowledge and experience. Taking this opportunity away, which is not mandatory, deprives the student of a valuable experience in comparative anatomy.

  6. Douglas Campbell says:

    But how can California teach budding abortionists how to do it properly if they can’t dissect animals?

  7. Kirk Rende says:

    Leftists can have a moral objection to cutting open an already-dead frog, but have no problems with an abortionist killing a baby even after birth.

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