SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A family’s heart-pounding home invasion was caught on camera and they’re now speaking out to warn others.

“I was very angry when this happened to my father and he’s 80 something years old,” the homeowner said.

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It happened in a matter of seconds in a South Sacramento neighborhood near Gerber Road. Two thieves burst through a door and were seen dragging an elderly man across the living room, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

“One of the guys just grabbed him and tore him,” the victim’s son said. “They asked him, ‘Where’s all the money? Where is all the money?’ My father said, ‘I’m an old man, I got no money,’ and just kept screaming.”

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Still shaken, the homeowner asked that we conceal his identity.

“My mom is scared, my wife is scared…seriously, everyone was scared,” he said.

His father was the only one home when the suspects rammed the garage door to sneak in.

“It’s pretty shocking the way they made entry into this home,” said Sgt. Shaun Hampton. “Typically there are some telltale signs from the onset why the victim is targeted.”

There weren’t any of those signs in this case.

“This was very odd,” Hampton said.

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The homeowner believes this was personal.

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“They think the Chinese…the Asians have money at home, not all of them. That’s a stereotype,” the homeowner said.

The suspects viciously attacked a man and got away with very little.

“It absolutely made me sick,” Hampton said, after seeing the video.

But it’s also the video that helped catch the crooks

“Our investigators and our patrol officers did some very diligent of work and were able to make two arrests in this case,” he said.

A third suspect, however, is still on the run. The homeowner is hoping the video will lead to another lock up.

“I don’t want to see this happen to any family,” he said.

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One suspect is a juvenile and still in custody. The second was booked and bailed out of jail. If you have any information on the third, you’re asked to contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.