CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — Linda Powers says she was in a deep sleep when the large pine tree came crashing down at 2 a.m. Wednesday. She thought it was just thunder, but came to find the tree in her yard.

The tree had stood on the property since 1994, withstanding the test of time until now. Powers’ Jeep sustained minor damage from the tree, but their fence and sprinkler system were ripped from the soil.

The recent rain is most likely the cause of this big crash.

In its heyday, the 200-foot tree was known by neighbors as “the tree.”

“I’m glad that tree is down. It was terrifying every time for the last several years it was just leaning, leaning, leaning more,” said neighbor Pam Beane.

Powers said she has already spent $2,000 on cleanup and she expects a bill from the city of Citrus Heights. Fortunately, the costs are covered by her insurance.

  1. It grew 200 feet but has only stood since 1994?

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