SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento man did the right thing after he found nearly $3,000 in a wallet someone dropped.

Brian, who did not want to be identified, accidentally dropped the wallet at a post office parking lot.

“I must have put it back not all the way in my pocket and when I hopped out it must have fallen out,” Brian said.

He said the nearly three grand in the wallet was for his house payment and other bills.

“It would have definitely like been a setback for us especially since we’re expecting another kid. If everything’s in the wallet that’s definitely gonna help us for sure,” he said.

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Right on schedule, Prakash Narayan, who found the wallet, showed up at the police station to return it. And every last dollar was still in the wallet.

“This is the way it was. And, this was the way I picked it up. My wife picked it up. She counted it all the money. You found it at the post office? In front of the post office,” Narayan said.

Brian decided this good deed deserved a reward.

“I want to give you 500 dollars for returning the wallet. If you’re ok with it. I’m totally ok with it. I appreciate you giving it back with everything that was in it for sure,” Brian said.

California law requires people to try to return lost property if there’s a clue about who owns it, such as the driver’s license in that wallet.


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