SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s been almost a year since Stephon Clark was shot and killed by two police officers in Sacramento and many are anxiously awaiting the District Attorney’s decision about charging the officers in the case.

Lawmakers and their staff at the Capitol received a security memo Friday warning that the DA may make that announcement in the next few days.

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The memo warned that the announcement may bring crowds and increased traffic to the downtown area, and warned legislators and employees to avoid coming to the Capitol or Legislative Office Building Friday night or over the weekend.

However the decision comes down, it will likely bring an immediate reaction, but no one knows just what that reaction will be. The wait for that announcement is giving the city time to prepare and work to prevent violent reactions.

Clark’s family expressed frustration at the delay in the DA’s announcement in January.


“Justice delayed is justice denied….we’re in agony ever since the callous murder of my brother’s death. My grandmother still sleeps in the house where he was killed,” said his brother, Stevante Clark.

The DA announced back on Jan. 28 that it needed more time to process new reports and related materials from the Department of Justice, adding “the DA will take whatever time is needed to ensure a fair, thorough, and accurate review of the matter.”

Sacramento police officially turned over the investigation, back in October — seven months after the shooting. The DA and California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra are tasked with reviewing the police’s findings to figure out if they will criminally charge the officers who fired the shots.

Additionally, the Clark family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit seeking $20 million from the City of Sacramento in January.

  1. Ike Leland says:

    It’s interesting how, in spite of video evidence (overhead helicopter video), the family, the BLM movement, and a plethora of unwise narcissistic individuals, believe Clark to be innocent.

    I wonder about the wholesale narcissistic personality disorder engulfing whole segments of our society. As if one group, BLM, can and do change how people think… making it acceptable to lie to yourself, your family, your friends and society at large.

    BLM and it’s leaders should be targeted by the DA for inciting mass unrest. These people shouldn’t be able to spread false information and get away with it. The facts speak for themselves. These officers will not be charged. To do so would be pandering to the narcissistic BLM movement and its supporters.

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