SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Police Department issued a press release Friday explaining Monday’s East Sacramento protest arrests after the DA announced she will not charge the 84 protesters.

Anne Marie Schubert’s office announced on Friday that no charges will be filed.

“In the interest of justice, no charges will be filed in any of the cases submitted,” the DA’s office wrote in a statement.

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The protesters marched through East Sacramento after the decision to not charge the two officers involved in the shooting of Stephon Clark.

(credit: Sacramento Police Department)

The press release states that protesters blocked access to an area hospital and that multiple vehicles were vandalized during the protest. Officers continue to investigate the vandalism.

(credit: Sacramento Police Department)

Additionally, police say a protester had a verbal confrontation that escalated to a heated argument and assault. Another protester, who was spotted by a police helicopter, was reportedly carrying an unknown object on fire.

(credit: Sacramento Police Department)

Police said that the protest was declared an “unlawful assembly” around 7:20 p.m. and the group was ordered to disperse. Officers reportedly gave 30 orders to disperse for an hour and forty minutes. The officers used loudspeakers on their vehicles and a Long-Range Acoustic Device, due to the loud protesters.

When a large group remained, police said they began an “orderly arrest process” in the interest of community safety and property protection. Of the 84 people arrested for unlawful assembly, police said one person was arrested for being in possession of a prohibited weapon.

The police department said they are continuing to conduct follow-up related to the protest.

  1. This is absolute BS by SacPD. They continue to incompetently try to explain away their poor decisions. The police were dressed for confrontation. They provoked an otherwise peaceful demonstration. That’s also the testimony of Sac Bee reporters. This was uncalled for. Chief Hahn has shown he does not have control of his dept.

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