SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – California wants all school districts to come up with smartphone policies, including banning or restricting when students can use the phones at school or on school grounds.

Assembly Bill 272 would allow students to keep their phones with them at school, in case of emergency or for learning purposes.

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The bill’s author, Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi (D- Torrance), said, “Cell phones can be a distraction in the classroom, and there are social and emotional consequences to too much use. According to studies, kids who are heavy users of social media are showing signs of depression and other mental health problems in greater numbers. Studies have also shown that restricting cell phone use improves pupil performance.”

A Pew Research Center study conducted in 2018 found 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, a 22% increase since 2014-15.

A psychology professor at San Diego State University found in 2017: “8th grade pupils who spend 10 or more hours per week on social media are 56% more likely to describe themselves as unhappy than those who devote less time to social media. Moreover, teenagers who spend three hours per day or more on electronic devices are 35% more likely to demonstrate risk factors for suicide, such as suicidal ideation; and, teenagers who spend five or more hours per day on their devices are 71% more likely to demonstrate a risk factor for suicide.”

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According to a study done by Common Sense Media, 13-18-year-olds spend:

  • 8:56 a day consuming entertainment on TV, computer, smartphone
  • 6:40 a day of screen media

8-12-year-olds spend:

  • 5:55 a day consuming entertainment on TV, computer, smartphone
  • 4:36 of screen media

The London School of Economics and Political Science found student test scores improved significantly at schools that had smartphone bans, specifically among disadvantaged and underachieving students.

France banned smartphones at all primary and middle schools at the start of the school year.

AB 272 goes before the Assembly Education Committee in April.

Swipe for weird California laws still on the books. 

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  1. RF Burns says:

    Sounds like a good idea. Let’s not forget why students are there.

    1. Aren’t they there to have their brains washed? 😉

  2. Hal Slusher says:

    Shame they always see the need to control people with laws.

    1. lulu Mahalo says:

      Since you don’t like laws, move somewhere where there are none to speak of. See how that works out.

      So, try these popular lawless destinations: Venezuela, Somalia, Syria, parts of Mexico, Iraq, Burundi, Brazil, Congo, Colombia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and…last but not least, night time S. Chicago.

  3. Doug Day says:

    That’s racist.

  4. Bill Loyal says:

    California.. if you like it, we will ban it. What a miserable place to live

  5. Chasey Laine says:

    Quick, someone tell me the name of the company that manufactures Jitterbugs so I can load up on their stock!

  6. As a high school teacher, I welcome this news. Students using phones in class is a constant disturbance and distraction. It’s horrible. There is no reason for any student to have a smart phone of any kind in a classroom. Young ladies are using their phones to put their face on during class, and all students are brazenly on phone calls, or facetime chat, listening to music, watching movies, running to the next fight in the quad to record a clip and get famous on their YouTube Channel for 10 seconds. Students even refuse to give up their phone when a teacher asks for it to hold for the period. Phone use is one of the biggest problems in schools today. I can’t imagine any teacher denying this.

  7. lulu Mahalo says:

    OMG…for once California might do something right.
    If you are a concerned parent or teacher, you know this is the right thing to do.

    Gee, there are millions and millions of Americans that made it through school and even college WITHOUT cell phones…and they achieved and there was NO phony self-esteem baloney.

  8. What will the little snowflakes do? Maybe they will learn something. Would be nice if it was liberal dribble.

  9. Abe Arnold says:

    “According to a study done by Common Sense Media, …”. Another worthless Fake News SocialistNazi democRATS study, because you can’t just take the average response of a few students (many who would lie) in a poll and apply it to the world as fact. Ohhhh wait … that is exactly what the RATS did again. LezboHillary is going to win in a landslide.

  10. Steven Soleri says:

    The problem is not the phones. The skills of the teacher are now so dismal, any distraction is a relief. But go ahead and take away the phones but expect the level of education to remain in the gutter.

  11. Mary Ward says:

    As a teacher, I believe the ban would be a benefit to schools. Students cheat, take pictures of tests and teachers, and spread gossip at school with cell phones, BAN NTHEM AT SCHOOL.

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