The baby boom at Sutter hospital in Sacramento. (Credit: Julie Poerio)

The baby boom at Sutter hospital in Sacramento. (Credit: Julie Poerio)

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There’s some baby fever at Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento. A total of 14 labor and delivery nurses have been pregnant and have either given birth or will give birth this year.

The ladies’ “birthquake” photo has thrust 14 of Sutter Medical Center’s best, along with their growing bumps, into the spotlight. Some, like MonTana, Chelsea, and Julia, even share the same due date.

Before you ask, “what’s in the water over there?” they’re all quick to say it’s just a happy coincidence that, oddly enough, has happened before.

“Two years ago in 2017, we also had 13 nurses I believe pregnant at the same time,” said MonTana Duval.

So if other hospitals out there think, “hey, we’ve got you beat,” these nurses welcome a little friendly competition.

“Let’s do some competition and maybe we’ll get it again next year, haha,” Danae Hicks said.

At least 10 of the nurses will be off at the same time for maternity leave. Sutter Officials have a team of replacement labor and delivery nurses ready to fill in while they’re out.

The center is the largest birth center department in Northern California.

Adrienne Moore

  1. NurseShelley says:

    How special !

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