by Yasmeen Hassan

STOCKTON (CBS13) — The former Playboy model Kelsey Turner accused of killing Monterey County psychiatrist, Doctor Thomas Burchard, is being held in Stockton until she is extradited to Las Vegas.

According to the arrest report from Las Vegas, police found his body in the trunk of a car. They also found “blood in the backseat” and “several latex gloves”.

The autopsy revealing Burchard died from “blunt force trauma to the head”.


His long-time girlfriend reported Burchard missing when he didn’t return home from a trip to Las Vegas. Judy Earp telling police he went there to see Turner.

When police went to Turner’s home in Las Vegas, they found a bedroom door that “appeared to be ripped away from the hinges and broken into two pieces.”

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They also found blood throughout the house, and “evidence of a clean-up”.

As far as why she was arrested in Stockton, police think she was hiding out after the news broke of Burchard’s body being found.

Turner is expected to appear in court Monday, April 8, and will eventually be extradited to Las Vegas.


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