SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The City of Sacramento wants to know where you’re going and how you get there. It’s teaming up with a company that makes a smartphone app that keeps an eye on everywhere its users go.

The “Miles” app rewards people who take a walk, hop on a bike or use public transportation.

Sac RT spokesperson Jessica Gonzalez says, “It tracks how you get around. So, whether that’s carpooling, walking, biking, using the bus or light rail.”

Sac RT, Sac State and the City of Sacramento are all working up with the company that made the app, ConnectIQ Labs Inc. They’re hoping to encourage people to “go green” while traveling around town.

The user of the app can earn rewards that include audiobooks, meals, and coffee. The rewards are greater for people who walk, bike or hop on a train instead of getting in their car.

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Some people like the idea. While others worry about the app, and the City of Sacramento, keeping an eye on where you’re going at all times.

One person told CBS13 that people, “don’t want to monitored constantly.”

The “Miles” app lets users decide if they want it to monitor where they go at all times or only when they have the app open.

Robin Swanson with Californians for Consumer Privacy said, “They say the devil is always in the details. Well, the details are those privacy policies.”

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Swanson urges people to read tech company privacy policies from top to bottom.

“I want to know what they’re doing with that information once I give it up,” Swanson said.

ConnectIQ Labs Inc. says it won’t share a user’s personal information with anyone else. Users should expect to be contacted about products and promotions.

The City of Sacramento says it will use the data it gathers to help with transportation planning.