By Steve Large

RIPON (CBS13) — Ripon police are investigating another coffee shop crime, following several others in Davis and Roseville.

In each case, thieves target seated customers, grabbing their laptops, then running for the door. On Monday, Ripon police say three teenage suspects carried out the heist at a Starbucks on West Colony Road.

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Only this time a victim and a Good Samaritan teamed up to take down one of the suspects.

“There was a lot of yelling,” witness Mark Sleming said. “There was probably three or four holding him down, and a bunch of people around him, four or five at least, maybe more.”

Cops were able to take the 16-year-old suspect into custody. Two other suspects were able to get away.

In September, surveillance cameras captured a similar scene in a Davis coffee shop, showing suspects milling around before grabbing customer’s laptops and making their escape through the front doors.

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“That they would be brazen enough to come in and steal somebody’s computer, I mean, the whole thing just surprises me,” Cheryl Bolton said.

In Ripon, a repeat of what’s becoming a more common crime. At a spot where you might order a bold coffee, some customers are becoming victims, of this bold crime.

Ripon police are asking for the public’s help with any information related to any of the thefts. The two suspects that got away, and their getaway driver were last seen in a green Lexus GS300.

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  1. Robbie Carroll says:

    ODUMBO’s kids!

  2. Michael Wolfe says:

    Stopping these criminals may violate Starbuck rules. Isn’t everyone welcome to Starbucks whether they make a purchase or not?

  3. Ron Robideau says:

    skulls need to be cracked.

  4. Peter York says:

    hmm, the writer didn’t say whether these teens had winning smiles, were fathers of three, and were planning to go to college.

    I’m just guessing they were.

    1. You forgot “turning their lives around” . . .

    2. Mike Gilmer says:

      The MSM always refer to young black male criminals as “teens” or “youths”. When I see that in a story, I always know what the criminal looks like.

  5. Bob Suyak says:

    I hope the cops get all the mfers!

  6. Marcus Welby says:

    I knew it. those darn Amish hooligans again……

  7. They need them for college

  8. John Garceau says:

    Any description of the perps?

    1. Robin Bullock says:

      Description of the suspects? Come on, you already know. The usual perps.

  9. JD Yank says:

    Hahahahahahahaha…… How did I know before ever reading the article and watching the video, that they are /V i g g e r s!!!!!!!!

  10. Alben Parkley says:

    Knew it before I watched it.

  11. Warden Clyffe says:

    Diversity is our strength.

  12. Brent Busch says:

    If 0bama had sons they’d look like…

  13. Kenneth Hilderbrand says:

    Someone will pull out a snub nosed 38 and bring a couple of them down before they get to the door…………..oh wait, this was in California? Not gonna happen.

  14. Warrior of GOD says:

    Now if the victims were allowed to carry a weapon with a license, these thugs would be facing a barrel instead of laptops they steal…………

  15. Andrew Mustapich says:

    Stop calling them teenagers.They are spawn of the welfare society

  16. Johnny Reb says:

    Time to bring back SEGREGATION. It works.

  17. Tanya Martin says:

    More mayhem brought to civilized society by low IQ black thugs.

  18. Traditional news reporting is so annoying – I wish the “news anchor” and “field reporter” techniques with silly catchphrases would just go away – like the yellow pages and printed newspapers

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