SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Thousands of Sacramento teachers are hitting the picket lines for the first time in three decades on Thursday.

Sacramento City Unified School District officials stressed classes will happen at all schools today, despite the strike. Meals and busing will not be interrupted by the strike, officials said.

Members of the teachers union are striking for one day over allegations the Sacramento City Unified School District is not honoring its 2017 contract agreement. The union wants to use the health care savings for students and the school district wants to use the money to help reduce a $35 million budget deficit.

Officials have warned that Sac City Unified schools are projected to run out of cash by November. A state takeover of the district looms if a solution can’t be found.

  1. Alan Hart says:

    …I know teachers have a tough ( Financially ) job, but I don’t think they understand budgets. The school deficit has the system in peril of being taken over by the State. You can’t get blood out of stone. If the money isn’t there,it isn’t there and they can’t make it appear from nowhere.