SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The tow truck that plunged off the Pioneer Bridge and went into the Sacramento River was fully lifted out of the water Sunday morning. The body of Roselyn Sharma was inside, California Highway Patrol says.

The vehicle is now being taken away for evidence.

The discovery comes after recovery efforts that have been ongoing since Friday. Saturday, a team of divers partially lifted the tow truck that’s been sitting at the bottom of the Sacramento River for the past two-and-a-half weeks.

Shalvinesh’s Sharma body was discovered on Thursday down river near Garcia Bend Park.

Both Shalvinesh and Roselyn were inside the vehicle when it was involved in a collision that sent it over the side of Highway 50 and into the river.

A dive team from the company CS Marine Constructors of Vallejo has been working to fully lift the truck out of the water. Cold, murky conditions combined with fast-flowing water has hampered the recovery effort.