VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Vacaville police are reminding parents and kids to stay alert after a young girl was reportedly followed by a suspicious vehicle.

Surveillance video caught a young girl walking in a neighborhood near Ulatis Drive and Leisure Town Torad as a dark-colored Pontiac follows her. The girl ignored the car, but as she sped up to get away, the man pulled further in front of her and stopped in the middle of the street.

The girl then hid behind a blue pickup truck, the suspicious driver turned around but came back in another attempt to speak to the girl. She continued to hide and then took off running to safety when she saw the man driving away for the second time.

The man was described as a black male with short, dreadlock hair, approximately 20 years old. 

Police do not know the man’s intentions but are hoping the community can help identify him so they can talk about what happened. Any information please contact Detective Brian Collins (707) 469-4735.


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