Anna Giles Reporting

SACRAMENTO — The two teenage girls struck and left in a South Sacramento street Wednesday night are showing signs of progress in their recovery.

One of the girls is in a coma and could face multiple complications when she wakes up. They are both being treated at Kaiser South Hospital.

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“No changes right now is a good thing and is an improvement as long as she is staying stable and getting better, nothing worse. Then I’m happy,” said Shana Mayes, mother of Lavonia, one of the teens hit.

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Mayes knows big changes are coming for Lavonia. Surviving a hit and run crash and waking up from a coma are just the first steps to recovery.

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“She’s going to be in here for a while and even when the swelling comes down, we don’t know her skills as far as writing, feeding herself, walking,” Mayes said.

Mayes says Lavonia has played basketball all her life and she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to do that again. Lavonia’s friend Rita is also showing strong signs of recovery. She remains in the hospital Friday night while doctors check out stomach pains.

With no new leads in the case, Mayes pressures the driver to come clean.

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“Just have a heart. Turn yourself in. We all know accidents happen. The crime happened when you left, and you left them to die as far as I’m concerned. You had no idea what condition they were in,” Mayes said.