SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — With the popularity of JUMP bikes and scooters growing, police will be on the lookout for impaired riders, especially with Sac Beer Week brewing into town, bringing enthusiasts out

”I like coffee beers, bourbon is my favorite,” said one local who was celebrating her birthday.

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Drinking craft beers from all the best pubs could get tricky from one to the next, which is why many prefer to bike.

“Because with Ubers and Lyfts it’s going to get busy, so it’s just an easier access to get around,” Annalize Martinez of Sacramento.

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While JUMP bikes and scooters may be tempting, Sac PD is warning that riding, scooting, or driving drunk is illegal.

“This is a week where our officers are aware of the activities that are going on, so one of the things that they will be looking for is anybody who is impaired who is driving or riding the new electric bikes or electric scooters,” said Sgt. Vance Chandler with Sacramento Police.

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Riding electric bikes while intoxicated can even turn deadly.

“If it’s involved with a collision with a vehicle it could be a very dangerous thing,” he said.

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So from one beer drinker to the next… “Technically we can get a DUI, it’s just like driving a car, it’s super important that you’re safe especially because these are assisted,” said Josh Wood of Sacramento.

And a warning to drink the hops and not to hop on a bike.

“Touch a bike! Walk, or Lyft,” he said.

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Again police will be on the lookout, and if you’re caught riding or scooting, you could be charged with a DUI and go to jail. Plus, always remember it’s also illegal to ride any vehicle, including scooters and bikes, on the sidewalk.