by Yasmeen Hassan

MODESTO (CBS13) — Hundreds of videos of women in the Modesto area are being posted on YouTube, without their knowledge.

“I just feel gross honestly from that,” one of the women in the videos, Jennifer Esqueda, said.

None of the women knew they were being recorded until a post on Facebook.

“From what I read, it was him trying to get females to look at his private parts which is really nasty,” Esqueda said.

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According to the man’s description on YouTube, he wears basketball shorts without underwear. He says he does this to secretly record women checking him out.

His description says, “this is all done out of FUN & not intended to hurt or disrespect anyone,” but others disagree.

“There’s nothing funny about a guy trying to expose yourself to women without them knowing,” one resident said.

Since the Facebook post, so many people started reporting the videos. On Monday morning, YouTube shut down the account, citing a violation of its nudity or sexual content policy.

Though the women who were recorded say, the damage has already been done.

“It’s sad to see myself on there. It’s just hard to know that people think like that,” Esqueda said.

Police said technically what this guy did is legal. Since all the videos were taken in public places, there is no assumption of privacy.


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