LOOMIS (CBS13) — More than $100,000 of X-ray equipment was stolen from a Placer County horse hospital.

The thieves struck several times in a few weeks, leaving the Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center in a tough spot during one of the busiest times of the year. The hospital is packed right now with mares ready to have babies. The X-ray equipment that was stolen is used to make sure the young foals are healthy when they’re born.

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“I think it was a little surprising to us to think this kind of thing happens in Penryn,” said hospital director Langdon Fielding.

In this area, people know their neighbors and veterinarian. Fielding knows his clients.

During the last 15 years, he’s never felt the need to add extra security, until now.

“It’s just such a warm feeling environment where we are taking care of animals and using that equipment to save animals so it is a little bit jarring,” Fielding said.

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During one of the burglaries, an employee walked in on the suspects who immediately took off. Fielding said he used to leave the front gates wide open so people could visit their horses at any time but after this happened, locks are now a necessity.

“Between locking the gate, hiring night security and some of those things we had to do some stuff to make everyone feel like it was a safe place again,” Fielding said.

Fielding said the hospital is full of cameras, designed to help doctors keep an eye on the horses.

Unfortunately, none of those cameras captured the suspects.

“I don’t know what use you would have outside of a horse hospital for some of the equipment,” Fielding said.

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If you come across someone you think may have stolen from the hospital, call the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. For now, the hospital is not impacted by the loss because they were able to get some X-ray equipment on loan until they purchase new machines.