SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Two men were caught on video allegedly scratching a Tesla in Old Sacramento with their keys, and they appear to be unaware they were being filmed.

The owner of the luxury electric car says he had no idea what happened to the driver’s side of this car, that is until he saw a video the car secretly recorded.

Tesla offers a sentry mode feature, which will notify owners of a threat near their vehicle, and record what’s happening. In the video, you see two men walking up to the truck next to the Tesla and appear to notice some marks on the door.

One of the men then takes keys out of his pocket and appears to scratch the side of the Tesla while walking to the front of the vehicle. The two men then stand there, talk and then walk back to the truck. The man with the keys then appears to scratch the Tesla again. The other man opens his car door into the side of the Tesla before getting inside and driving away.

Damage is estimated at over $2,000, the owner says.

The two men could face felony vandalism charges.

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  1. Tyler Fawkes says:

    These knuckle-dragging, mouth-breather morons are going to learn the hard way they can’t get away with this behavior any more. It’s the 21st century people. Cameras are everywhere. Like it or not, electric cars are coming. Get over it.

  2. Stephen Smith says:

    Nice work blurring their faces so the public can’t help identifying them. A+ journalism.

    1. This youtube didn’t blur their faces.

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