by Marissa Perlman

RIO LINDA (CBS13) — For the first time, the Rio Linda woman who was hit head-on by an accused drunk driver and survived is speaking out.

Ciara Villegas was six months pregnant when she was hit last month. Her baby was delivered by an emergency C-section but died days later.

The last time Villegas walked on M Street, she was happy and six months pregnant, but in an instant, everything changed. She was hit there by a suspected drunk driver and days later lost her baby, RJ.

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On Friday, CBS13 spoke with Villegas as she’s planning her son’s funeral instead of celebrating her baby shower.

Villegas is in pain. Since the crash, she has lost her independence and her memory. She has a broken bone in almost every part of her body and is recovering from a traumatic brain injury, a lacerated liver, and a punctured lung.

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She said she barely remembers the night of the crash, April 8. She was bringing milk across the street to her mom’s house when she was hit. Villegas remembers the SUV coming at her, and with nowhere to go, she braces for impact. After that — everything goes black.

“I don’t remember the impact. After that, I just remember crying about my teeth. I don’t remember being pregnant,” Villegas said. “I must’ve been in shock to where I couldn’t feel the impact.”



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