NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) — The Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue team rescued a 64-year-old man and his two dogs that were lost overnight in the Spencerville Wildlife Area, Monday.

The sheriff’s department said they were called early Monday morning to search for the man who had been out since noon Sunday for a hike near Beale Falls.

(credit: Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue)

A 22-member team searched the trails and roads around his abandoned vehicle and located the man around 5 a.m. across Dry Creek. Unfortunately, the high water levels prevented easy access.

Searchers loaded two of their UTV’s to access an area near the man and hiked to him and his dogs.

(credit: Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue)

The rescue team said other than being cold, the man and his dogs were in good condition. They were transported to the command center and examined by medical personnel for good measure.


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