By Cambi Brown

ANTELOPE (CBS13) — Every year, graduating leadership students at Antelope High School write a letter to a teacher who inspired them. On Tuesday, those students visited their former teachers to read the letters in person.

Lining up in their cap and gown, the high school seniors surprised and honored some of their elementary school teachers who helped get them to their big day of graduation.

Avery Deome wrote a letter to her former fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Bennett Tournour.

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“Just that her compassion and her patience for me. I had a hard time in 4th grade. A lot of anxiety as you can see. I just love her so much,” Avery said. “Since freshmen year I knew that we would have this assignment as seniors and I knew right away I was going to write to her.”

As Avery entered the classroom Tuesday, Mrs. Bennett Tournour started tearing up and Avery read her letter. Avery said she has considered becoming an elementary school teacher herself.

After the letter, the two hugged. Mrs. Bennett Tournour said she was touched Avery remembers her after almost a decade.

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“It’s actually the most important thing that can happen is for her to be able to grow and shine the way she has. And for her to remember that I was a little piece of that, just makes me so happy,” Bennet Tournour said.

She said she plans to follow along with Avery’s future as she begins college at Sierra Community College.

“If I can make an impact and help someone and share a story that’s so inspiring and share such a beautiful soul and beautiful spirit, I’m thrilled to be a part of that and part of her story,” Bennet Tournour said.


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