by Yasmeen Hassan

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Chaos at a Stockton high school Friday afternoon as dozens of students got into a fight. Things got so out of hand police were forced to call for backup and the school was put on lockdown.

Police say it all started because of one student. Officers were called out to Bear Creek High School because a student was allegedly trying to fight with a staff member. But when police showed up, they say the student wouldn’t leave school property. That’s when they say other students got involved.

“Everyone was outside. Teachers were worried, keeping them in class,” senior Kayla Loggins said.

Police say some of the kids were pulling the officer off the student. It got so bad, police had to call for backup.

“It does make me really uncomfortable that stuff like this goes around,” Bear Creek alumni Santino Cisneros said.

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Kids stood on tables and hurled trash cans across the crowd, prompting the school lockdown.

“People were sending me videos (asking) if I was OK, what’s happening during the lockdown,” Loggins said.

Police were outnumbered by dozens of kids and they say several officers were hit as they tried to calm everyone down. During the chaos some students ran, others fought, but more than a few pulled out their phones and started recording.

It’s those videos that officers are going through now. They are working to identify the kids involved in the fight who could be facing charges.

The student who reportedly started it all has been cited for resisting arrest.

  1. Debbie Graham says:

    PARENTAL FAIL!!!! Didn’t any of these kids have any respect for law enforcement?
    Obviously NOT…..charge all of those involved with obstruction of a police officer doing their

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