By Anna Giles

CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — A police chase through Citrus Heights in broad daylight was all caught on a man’s dash camera.

Tyler Anderson was stopped at the intersection of Auburn Blvd and Chivalry Way when a truck sped by his passenger window, missing him by inches, and crashed into a truck head-on.

California Highway Patrol said the truck they were pursuing Tuesday was stolen. The chase started at the Walmart near Antelope Road and Roseville Road and ended a few miles away right in front of a neighborhood.

“I hear a lot of crashes at this intersection so it was loud, made me come outside and make sure no one was hurt,” said Mary Vess, who witnessed the crash.

Vess lives just yards from where the chase ended. She’s thankful for the protection she has in place.

“I thank God for this wall. My daughter is 11 and she climbs the trees and plays out in this yard,” she said.

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There’s a school just down the road. Vess said normally, that intersection is full of kids.

CHP said there were two suspects in the truck they were chasing, a male and a female. They have both been taken into custody

  1. This guy almost killed my daughters just before this crash. He came over the median, into their lane, going the wrong way and narrowly missed hitting them head on. Thank God He kept them safe.

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