STOCKTON (CBS13) — Early Friday morning, Stockton firefighters responded to an unusual call: three individuals trapped 60 feet up on a billboard in the area of March and Holiday.

The crews raised an aerial ladder and made contact with two men holding a third “altered” man down.

Truck 4 and Engine 11 helped the two men down and then rescued the third, who was unable to climb down the ladder on his own. Therefore, firefighters had to persuade him into a victim basket.

One of the firefighters rode down tanem with the man to endsure he did not escape mid-flight.

The victim was taken into custody by Stockton Police upon making it to the ground safely.

  1. Eileen Kephart says:

    If I ever see a millenial-authored news article with no spelling or grammatical errors, I’ll faint dead away from the shock!

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