by Linda Mumma

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A Stockton woman is urging people to stop gun violence after a bullet whizzed through her window and narrowly missed her and her three sleeping children.

“We’ve lived here six years and this has never been a fear before,” said Amber Hernandez.

Hernandez was watching TV in the living room of her Weston Ranch home when, “All of a sudden the window exploded and I’m covered in glass,” she said.

A bullet flew through her window.

“Two inches higher and it would have been the back of my head,” she said.

She felt the sting of the glass as it fell to the floor.

“The glass shot so far it went under the door and into the closet,” she said.

Also at home at the time were her husband and three children.

“Thank goodness the kids all slept through it. My husband was really shaken; and if I moved around in the house, he followed,” she said.

Hernandez believes the bullet entered her home from the area of Henry Long Boulevard and McCuen Avenue, not too far from Weston Ranch High School.

“I’m a 5th grade teacher, my husband is a social worker. I don’t think this was aimed at me. Chances are it was aimed at a house on the end of the street or it was someone who thought it was entertainment to shoot the gun up in the air and I got caught in the crossfire,” she said.

Police are looking clues in the shooting.

“Part of this investigation is to see if there was any surveillance video captured to see who did this,” said Stockton Police Department Officer Joe Silva.

Hernandez is urging those armed with guns  to stop shooting before an innocent person is injured or killed.

“Because you’re missing; you’re hitting other things; you’re hitting other people,” she said.

Police are patrolling the area with the resources they have, but say they need to hire more officers.


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