SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Authorities say the person suspected of shooting and killing Sacramento police officer Tara O’Sullivan in North Sacramento on Wednesday has surrendered. He has been identified as 45-Year-Old Adel Sambrano Ramos.

Sacramento police say 26-year-old officer Tara O’Sullivan was shot and killed in the line of duty while helping a woman remove her belongings from inside a home on Redwood Avenue, near El Camino Avenue.

Ramos reportedly shot O’Sullivan with what officials are calling a “high-powered rifle,” then kept firing – barricading himself inside the home.

Crews desperately tried to reach O’Sullivan, who was down in a yard behind the house, but heavy gunfire kept them back for nearly an hour. Multiple officers returned fire, police say, and neighbors in the area were evacuated.

An armored vehicle moved-in a little under an hour after O’Sullivan was shot and got her out. She was later pronounced dead after she was transported to the hospital.

Police say the suspect eventually surrendered just before 2 a.m. Thursday.

O’Sullivan was a Sacramento State graduate and was hired by the Sacramento Police Department in January 2018. She joined the academy just a few months later.

Sac State President Robert S. Nelson mourned the loss of O’Sullivan in a statement released on Thursday.

“Our hearts go out to Tara’s family, friends, classmates, and fellow officers. This exceptional young officer will be remembered by the Hornet Family for her intelligence, commitment to public service, and bravery,” Nelson said.

According to the Pleasant Hill Police Officers’ Association, O’Sullivan was a 2011 graduate of College Park High School and was a police explorer with the Pleasant Hill and Martinez police departments.

Nelson noted that O’Sullivan was part of the first graduating class of Sac State’s Law Enforcement Candidate Scholars Program. She also received a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development.

O’Sullivan’s death marks the first officer killed in the line of duty for the Sacramento Police Department in 20 years. Officer William Bean, Jr. was fatally shot while responding to a traffic stop on Rio Linda Boulevard and Grand Avenue in February 1999.

The suspect, Dundell Wright, was later convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

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  1. marlene hessler says:

    No name released for the shooter? Likely an illegal being protected by Our law enforcement/ media????

    1. Hes of Filipino descent. Nice try trying to pin it on illegals though, fat slob

      1. Rip Throckmorton says:

        yeah-cause that means they’re not illegal!

  2. Ted Haigh says:

    No, later on they released the info. They’re still investigating but they think it was a gun nut named Marlene Hessler.

  3. Dale Herrington says:

    Our son was a Pleasant Hill police officer from 2001 until mid 2010. His last tour was as a school service officer for College Park HS and two middle schools. He would have provided an on-site example of the police profession when Tara was a freshman, sophomore, and junior at College Park High, Perhaps he was an influence in her ultimately becoming a proud Sacramento PD officer. So sad.

  4. Chris Appel says:

    Dan Mitchison? His Liberal politics support this kind of behavior.

    1. Henry Clemente says:

      Yes liberals just love when cops are shot and killed.They also like eating infants and pouring cyanide into drinking water supplies.

  5. Yep, knew it. When you can’t find a photo of the shooter, you know it’s an illegal or POC!! (When it’s a white shooter, they put the pic right at the top!!). Keep on keepin’ on, Marlene — you’ve obviously got bigger balls than boomer-clown “Ted.”

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