SACRAMENTO (AP) – California’s governor and legislators are getting a 4% raise.

A state commission voted Friday to increase Gov. Gavin Newsom’s salary from $202,000 to around $210,000 in December.

The commission also agreed to give a 4% raise for legislators and other statewide elected officials, including the attorney general and lieutenant governor.

Citizens Compensation Commission Chairman Tom Dalzell cited the state’s economy and budget surplus for the move.

This will mark the seventh year in a row California’s governor has gotten a pay raise.

But Newsom will not quite have the highest salary of the country’s governors. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is still on track to earn more. The New York Legislature approved a salary of $225,000 for Cuomo next year.

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Comments (10)
  1. Denise Trent Casey Gallardo says:

    Are you serious??? The politicians in California are destroying this state. Lowest in education, highest in taxes, our infrastructure is deteriorating and the homeless problem is epic. I am floored that the state of California is deteriorating and yet it’s lawmakers manage to give themselves raises?

  2. John Steele says:

    Why does Pretty Boy , who is a trust fund baby…. NEED a raise..

  3. Kara Chase says:

    SCUSD teachers are having their pay taken away from a crook of a superintendent here in Sacramento. How about looking after teachers not the lawmakers who don’t seem to do sh!@t.

  4. PatrickJ says:

    What a joke! IF compensation was based on merit, like the MAJORITY, these clowns need a pay cut!

    The Feds and Social Security get a raise tied to inflation…Why not the State??

    Just keep on growing those pension DEFICITS which are tied to salary!


    And who are these people on the COMMISSION? APPOINTED?

    Hey Newsom…In and Out has a burger named after you…the Extra Double-Double with Pork!

  5. Dana says:

    This is what happens when everyone at the top is a crook.

  6. Carolyn says:

    If you are failing at your job, you do not get rewarded with a raise. CA is petitioning to get him recalled. How can you vote yourself a raise

  7. usac95 says:

    PatrickJ seems none at gov ass clown office will give info on commission

  8. Betty tornstrom says:

    The commission should be held accountable to the voters. The e siting salaries are already sufficient.

  9. Kristin Dreisbach says:
    Obviously they think they deserve it. Meanwhile I haven’t had a raise in 8 years. Ridiculous.

  10. Brad Lamb says:

    I shouted from the rooftops that this guy was a clown, but nobody wanted to listen. He was a weasel when he was the mayor of SF. Doesn’t give a damn about Calif, this clown wants to be President!! Watch out.

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