by Yasmeen Hassan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The toddler left at a Sacramento-area Fire Station has been tentatively identified.

Jane Doe (credit: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office)

The child was reportedly abandoned in a Walmart parking lot. Now, a woman has come forward, saying she’s the little girl’s mother, but police & Child Protective Services are not ready to reunite them, just yet.

Police say late Sunday night, a woman came up to a man, frantic and crying. She tells him, she’s being chased. Then she leaves him, with a toddler not more than 2 years old. So he brought her to a fire station.

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“One of the firefighters had a good rapport with that child. They seem to have a little bond and at some point, she fell asleep in his arms,” Sacramento Fire Captain Keith Wade said.

Now, a woman has reached out to law enforcement, saying she’s the mother.

“There’s a lot of confirmation that our detectives are looking into before that baby is released to anyone,” Sacramento police officer, Marcus Basquez, said.

First, police need to verify the woman coming forward really is the little girl’s mother. If the woman was being chased, police also need to make sure she’s not in a dangerous situation. The little girl is going to remain in child protective custody until everyone is sure she’ll be safe with her family.

“We want some sort of a happy ending. We want to make sure that the child is safe and taken care of and has a good and healthy long life. That’s all we ever care about,” Captain Wade said.

Police say it’s still too early to tell if the woman will face any charges. Right now, they’re still trying to figure out exactly what led up to her leaving her child with a stranger.

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  1. Erika Ransom says:

    I hope they do not “reunite” the child with the mother until they are sure they should. Why did she leave the child with a stranger in the first place?? That in itself is not a safe thing to do.

    1. Stephanie Schroeder says:

      Until it’s been investigated, we don’t know what happened. For all we know, the stranger took her and mom didn’t know. Or someone other than the mom, a sitter? gave her to the stranger? Lots of questions!

  2. Jane Bates says:

    I would not give her back to her mother. just leave her with a stranger, come on.

  3. Velma Hampson says:

    If her story is true both the mother and the stranger did absolutely the right thing to protect the child. Good that they are investigating before giving back the child.

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