by Greg Liggins

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Fifteen years ago, Adam Frick went to the Folsom pro rodeo for the first time on the Fourth of July and said he loved it.

“I realized that it was such a great patriotic even,t that one thing that was missing — there was no Uncle Sam,” Frick said.

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So, he bought the costume and has been playing Uncle Sam at the rodeo and other events ever since.

But this Fourth of July, after finishing his duties, he took his suit off, left it at a booth, but when he returned, something was amiss.

“One of the arena crew had their shirt hanging on the tent and that was taken but I didn’t think anything of it and then all of a sudden I started looking for my hat, which had all of my costume stuff stuffed inside the hat, and that was nowhere to be found so that’s when I started to panic a little bit,” said Frick.

Uncle Sam said he experienced what many people say they experience on tax day.

“You feel that violation, that emptiness,” said Frick.

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With two more days of rodeo left, Frick scrambled and found a rental replacement.

“And it just had a different look and feel to it wasn’t the same,” said Frick.


Frick says his costume had some personal bling collected over the years and that the hat and glasses are essentially irreplaceable because he can’t find exact replicas anywhere.

He realizes he may never get the costume back, so he has a message for the thief.

“The costume is really sweaty and smelly I wouldn’t really recommend putting it on (Laughs),” Frick said.

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Frick said he has purchased another suit, but he’s really hoping to get his other one back and if anyone has information he’s asking them to contact the Folsom Chamber of Commerce.