SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Track 7 Brewing Company sold out of its O’Sulli #349 beer within a few hours on Saturday but is offering a second chance opportunity for those looking to remember Sacramento Officer Tara O’Sullivan.

Until 5 pm on Wednesday, July 17, people can buy the O’Sulli #349 Memorial Cups for nine dollars. The 16-ounce insulated cups also sold out on Saturday but the brewery is doing a pre-order for a second batch. Net proceeds are going to a memorial fund in the 26-year-old’s name.

Credit: Track 7

Tara O’Sullivan was killed on June 19 in the line of duty.

Officer Sam Blackmon came up with the idea to brew the commemorative beer. Blackmon was O’Sullivan’s Field Training Officer in May and the pair would patrol the area of Track 7 Brewing in Curtis Park. As a brewer and Certified Beer Judge, Blackmon has brewed with Track 7 before. So, from time to time on their patrols, Tara would pop into the Curtis Park Track 7 location with Blackmon.

“The idea was it would be an IPA with low bitterness, just to be approachable to a lot of people,” Blackmon said.

Delivery of the commemorative cups will take about three weeks.


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