RIPON (CBS13) — Mothers of children with cancer may soon have more answers following concerns over contaminated water.

The state water board says it will begin testing the soil in Ripon over the next few weeks for a potentially hazardous chemical vapor. This, after CBS13 reported there has been no vapor testing there in over a decade.

First, we reported on a chemical called TCE which is found in the groundwater and some drinking water in Ripon. The city insists the water is safe, but we found inaccuracies in the city water reports and years they didn’t test certain wells for the chemical at all.

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According to the EPA, the chemical can emit a colorless, odorless vapor that is also linked to health problems when found in the soil and indoor air.

Following our reports, the water board has decided to test the soil vapor near Weston Elementary where several students and teachers have been diagnosed with cancer in recent years.

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They say they don’t anticipate finding high levels there, but are testing out of an abundance of caution.

The results should become available in early fall.

Julie Watts


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