SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s not unusual to find them in the suburbs, but now, coyotes are being found in urban areas as some are being spotted in midtown Sacramento.

Early this morning, Patricia Henderson, who lives in East Sacramento, was preparing for her daily walk with her dog Murphy, when she spotted a mangled cat her lawn.

“There was a gaping hole in its neck and there were things like the organs had been taken out,” said Henderson.

She called to report the incident and quickly learned she wasn’t the first caller as police had received an unrelated call prior in regards to another coyote sighting.

Recently, this coyote was spotted meandering through midtown on 27th street.

Animal experts say it’s not uncommon to find coyotes in the area, and it does not appear such sightings are on the rise.

Attacks on domestic animals do happen occasionally, but, according to Gina Knapp of Animal Services, it’s not something people should fear if they encounter one.

“Leave them alone,” said Knapp. “They’ll go back where they came from. I mean sometimes they just want to visit. Sometimes they do get disoriented, especially the little ones, or they’re looking for a better food source. And I don’t think our companion animals are a big risk. It’s what we leave out. The garbage, the cat food, the dog food.”

One of the most important tips: Do not leave out your pet’s food.



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