By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — He’s a World War II veteran determined to complete one more mission: keeping the memories of his fallen brothers and sisters alive.

Sidney Walton and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Sidney Walton, 100, is doing that by shaking hands and turning heads one state and governor at a time. On Tuesday, it was California’s turn to roll out the red carpet for this American hero.

The importance of a meeting is not counted by the minutes spent, but rather, the power each second brings. In this case, the words don’t matter much either.

Walton did his talking on the battlefield fighting shoulder to shoulder with so many other brave souls, WWII veterans, whose numbers dwindle each year.

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That’s why Walton is on what he calls a “No Regrets Tour.” He kicks himself for never having met a Civil War veteran, so he wants you to meet him. In addition to governor Newsom, Walton met plenty of strangers who stopped in their tracks to say hello.

His tour has taken Walton to 23 states so far and beyond. From New York to the White House to Normandy. His story has definitely gained a following.

On Tuesday, the capital city was lucky enough to be the center of Walton’s world, and as his son pointed out, his quest is far from over.

The sun shined a bit brighter in Sacramento during his visit, thanks to this hero and his patriotic wave, determine to keep the light shining on the greatest generation.

You can follow Sidney’s journey here. 


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