SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Seven people were injured in a chain-reaction car crash Sunday, but are expected to be okay. The crash happened near Florin Road and McComber Street, according to Sacramento Metro Fire.

“It ended up being a pretty big mess. And a lot of cops and ambulances. I didn’t come up and count how many,” Cindy Russell, who lives near the intersection, said.

Initially reported to Metro Fire as a collision between a vehicle and a bicyclist, the incident evolved into a multiple vehicle accident when two cars stopped to help and were involved in a chain reaction of collisions. Two of the victims suffered serious injuries, and the other five were treated for non-life threatening injuries, according to Metro Fire.

All were transported to a nearby hospital.

California Highway Patrol said it wouldn’t say that the drivers who pulled over to help were in the wrong.

CBS13 wanted to find out the proper and safe ways one should step in to assist and be a Good Samaritan. CHP said it’s most important to be mindful of oncoming traffic.

“If a good Samaritan does decide to stop, it is important that he or she always keep an eye on oncoming traffic and put themselves in a spot at the scene of the collision where they can flee to a safe spot if an approaching vehicle doesn’t stop,” Officer James Taylor, California Highway Patrol public information officer, said in a statement to CBS13.

Taylor also stressed the importance of having flares and reflective triangles in your car to alert other drivers. But, it is in the public’s best interest to call 911 and let trained first responders handle the situation.

“I would say find a place to pull over on the side of the road and let me emergency people take over,” Russell said.

Russell said people need to be more mindful of everyone and anyone on the road. That way people trying to lend a helping hand do not end up in these kinds of situations.

“I just think that people aren’t paying attention to the speed limit over here. It’s 35 and people are coming over here and they’re sailing over and not paying attention. And so we end up with more accidents,” Russell said.


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