By Kurtis Ming

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A couple who lost everything in the Camp Fire in Paradise kept getting billed by AT&T for a landline they obviously no longer had, a Call Kurtis Investigation uncovered.

“It’s beyond annoying,” said Kim Comeau.  “It’s like, why are you doing this? We’re already suffering.”

After their house was leveled in the fire, Comeau moved into a Sacramento hotel room with her partner, Blair Maness who is partially paralyzed and uses a wheelchair. They cook with a toaster, do dishes in the bathroom sink and struggle to make financial ends meet.

“I’m coping,” said Comeau.

Zapping energy from efforts to rebuild their lives were monthly AT&T bills for landline service.

“What service?” Comeau said. “There’s nobody there. The phone is melted. “

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She said after several calls to AT&T, the bills just kept coming.

“It’s like what are you doing to us?” she said.

In November, we told you how AT&T instructed a Camp Fire victim to return his satellite equipment even though it was destroyed. At that time AT&T told us “We couldn’t be more sorry for this mistake.”

Public Relations expert Doug Elmets says it’s appalling that another fire victim is struggling with the utility giant.

“They should be embarrassed,” Elmets said. “They need to clean up their act and they need to do it soon because there’s competition out there.”

We contacted AT&T. While we were in Comeau’s hotel room, she got a call. AT&T told her they would erase the outstanding balance and close her account.

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“Wow. I’m breathing again.” Comeau said. “You want to help me with my next problem?”

But this time, no apology from AT&T. The company told us “We canceled this customer’s account once she contacted us in May and have provided a full refund.”

The company said they never cancel or suspend a customer’s account without the customer asking. Comeau says she called several times. When she gets back on her feet, she says she won’t be signing up with AT&T.

“I’ll never use them again.”


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