By Anna Giles

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Elk Grove students are done with their first day of school and some are now getting ready for football season. Varsity and JV teams had their first official practice in triple-digit heat Thursday.

But they’re not letting the heat hold them back. Their first game is next Friday and they’ll be ready rain or shine, cool or blazing hot. Coaches are making sure the players are careful in this heat.

“We’re going to shorten the length of practice at times, we’re going to have the kids take the equipment off, do some walkthrough activities,” said John Heffernan, the Elk Grove High School athletic director.

Heffernan said heat exhaustion is a real concern. Temperatures above 100 degrees mean it can happen quickly if these players aren’t able to cool off efficiently.

“We lower the intensity. If we do do something intense, we go for a short period of time and then there’s constant water breaks,” Heffernan said.

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Heffernan also keeps tubs of ice water on the sideline so if a player looks like they’re not doing well, they can quickly cool off.

“A lot of times when it gets to that point you’ll see them right away, they’re not acting the same, they’re acting a little bit different, they cant go as fast,” he said.

Heffernan said the key is preparation. Some of these players haven’t been active all summer and are still getting used to a lot of physical activity in heat like this.

“Hydrate, hydrate. If the kids come to practice hydrated then usually we won’t have any problems,” he said.


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