SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento city leaders approved two new homeless shelter proposals Tuesday night.

The approved shelters include a controversial proposal to put a pop-up homeless shelter next to the Meadowview Community Center, and a no-barriers shelter on Broadway and Alhambra under the W/X Freeway.

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City leaders say the site next to the Meadowview Community Center could house up to 100 homeless single women and children in a tent structure fully-equipped with bathrooms, counseling, and on-site security.

City councilman Larry Carr represents the area and said the shelter does not belong next to the neighborhood’s community center. Despite his opposition, the proposal passed Tuesday night.

There are roughly 300 homeless women and children in Sacramento.

Steinberg also plans to put $1 million toward charities helping the homeless including St. John’s and City of Refuge.

  1. I feel 2 is not enough first off I think that more people should step in the homeless spot for a few days some of us have not chosen to be homeless they steady telling us go here or here for help the thing is that we as parents,father’s,mother’s grandparents, should all take a look at your surroundings cause I am a mother of 2 and I am homeless dose not give me the right to juge or belittle anyone else we all have fallen short of the Heavenly father’s command and he will be the judge of that if u are cooking and u see a homeles person why won’t u bring him or her food why is the world in such hate and thermal the power of love is the greatest give to whom it matters not to what it is blessed are thoes who have gave back thank you

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