OAKLAND (CBS13/AP) — After apologizing to his teammates Friday, Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown posted a video to his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

The video features an apparent conversation between Brown and Raiders coach Jon Gruden, speaking about Brown’s commitment to the team.


Drew Rosenhaus: A.B.? Antonio? Coach is on the line.

Jon Gruden: Hello? What the hell’s going on, man?

Antonio Brown: Just a villain all over the news, man.

Gruden: You’re not a villain. You’re just, you’re the most misunderstood (explicit) human being in my entire life I’ve ever met. I mean, I brought you here because you’re my favorite guy, I’ve never seen a guy work harder. But I don’t know where you are in your life right now, off the field. All I know is you got a lot of things going, there’s a lot of people that have an opinion about you, and whether it be good or bad, you’re in the spotlight all the time … Let me ask you this: Do you want to be a Raider or not?

Brown: Man, I’ve been trying to be a Raider since day one. I’ve been (explicit) working my ass off harder than anyone. I don’t know why it’s a question of me being a Raider. It’s like, do you guys want me to be a Raider?

Gruden: Please stop this (explicit) and just play football. How hard is it, man? You’re a great football player, just play football.

Brown: But I’m more than a football player. I’m a real person. It ain’t about the football, I know how to do that, I show you guys that on the daily. This my life. Ain’t no more games.

On Friday, Brown returned to practice and apologized after a run-in with general manager Mike Mayock that had put him in jeopardy of being suspended.

“I’m excited to be out here today,” Brown said in a brief statement after practice. “I want to apologize to my teammates, the organization. Enough talk now. I’m excited to be out here with my teammates and grateful for all the fans and I’m excited to be a part of the Raiders and see you guys soon.”

Brown had posted a letter earlier Wednesday from Mayock detailing nearly $54,000 in fines for missing a practice and walkthrough.

Coach Jon Gruden said the plan is for Brown to play Monday night at home against Denver.


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