by Rob Malcolm

Sacramento (CBS13) — Barbershop owner Rudy Ornelas says he was pulled over last year by Sacramento Police for tinted windows, but the interaction quickly turned tense.

After telling police he had a “fix it” ticket for the window and his front license plate, Ornelas said a gun was pointed at his head and police conducted an illegal search.

Though the incident happened last year, Ornelas said he posted the video now because he says won the case and wanted to send a message to his YouTube audience. Sacramento police confirmed the incident happened but declined to comment because it happened last year and it’s a personnel matter.

The video starts with Ornelas saying he decided to release this viral video now because he was cited for numerous charges that were dropped.

“This happened in 2018 of November and I just won my case this month 2019 of August, that’s the reason I’m uploading this video,” Ornelas said.

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In the exchange, the officers asked if he had a “fix it” ticket for the window tint and front plate. Ornelas replied that he did have one, but didn’t remember when it was due. He then told the officers his license is in his backpack in the trunk of the car with a registered firearm in his name.

Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinnis looked at the video and says police played the traffic stop by the book.

“The law requires them to actually book him for driving that car on a public highway without a driver’s license or any identification in its place,” McGinnis said.

In the video, as one officer went to the back of the car, a female officer said she didn’t feel comfortable standing alone during the search. The other officer then asked Ornelas to undo his seatbelt and step out of the car.

An argument escalated as Ornelas demanded to know the reason for the stop and refused to get out of the car until a supervisor was called.

The female officer then stepped back and pointed her gun at Ornelas’ head as he argued with her partner. Former Sheriff McGinnis says officers had every right under the law to point the gun.

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“You’ve got somebody who they have a lawful reason to remove from their car, he’s refusing to do so, he’s refusing to remove his seatbelt until a supervisor gets there. That’s not a luxury he has,“ McGinnis said.

McGinnis said it could have ended badly and its easier to comply.

“Then there’s the reference to a firearm, so at that point, they’ve got to be prepared for an escalation of force here,” McGinnis said. “In terms of the law application, I see no issue with it.“

The Sacramento County DA’s Office could not confirm what Ornelas was charged with or what charges were dropped.

Ornelas still has a gun charge before the courts and told CBS13 his lawyer advised him if he stays out of trouble for two months and takes an eight-hour firearm safety class, his charges will be dropped and his gun returned.

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  1. C S says:

    This just in, Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinnis confused/stupid. McGinnis says “The law requires them to actually book him for driving that car on a public highway without a driver’s license or any identification in its place[.]” Yet earlier in the article and on video Ornelas says, “his license is in his backpack in the trunk of the car.” Maybe next time as a Former Sacramento County Sheriff, McGinnis should do a bit more investigating before revealing his bias toward the police force and lack of empathy for the regular citizen.

  2. R says:

    WOW! I think the best part of this whole interaction is when Rudy says this is like nazi germany and the scared cop proceeds to prove him right. She shouldnt be on the force. None of them should.
    People of sacamento, watch your PD. I BET there is much corruption there.

    How many more people do the police need to kill.

  3. how many more replies did this fake news station leave off. this was insane. that’s a criminal not a cop. she deliberately pointed a loaded handgun at an unarmed human being. the so-called expert cop is playing games with the gun reference line, he was asked and informed it was located in a spot out of his reach DUH! corporate news is such propaganda

  4. notCS says:

    Amber Guyger Botham Jean

  5. Bill Goodwin says:

    Why are cops such cowards? What the hell?

  6. Wingood Bill says:

    2:20 in the video in the link, Diamond Reynolds “he just shot his arm off”

    Lessons Learned-ZERO

    Go to Sacramento P.D. twitter and see photos off them racing little kids. Sure use kids to portray yourself as the good guys. They don’t even have the character to address the incident honestly. The media is embarrassing, a former cop says it was “by the book”. Who’s book? The only one nervous in the video is the officer.

    What if the driver were Black and not Hispanic? The propaganda media made put a black reporter on the story.(see we are on your side, oh sure) This should not happen to anyone you love.

  7. Dan says:

    Sounds like they need a new book.

  8. john says:

    California won’t do a thing. Federal Charges against her.

  9. protect us says:

    the feds should throw the book at her

  10. WOW says:

    Tens of thousands of internet views and all this station can do is edit the video and minimize it. Reduce the impact of the story. Try to gloss it over. Vulgar. why would anyone be nervous while being forced to interact with the police? It’s not like a cop would point a loaded handgun towards your head at point blank range for absolutely no reason. Can we get any national coverage. This is so over the top it would make the real Nazi’s would blush. “We are not going to play this game sir”. So impatience means you can threaten some one’s life. Lock Her Up.

  11. wow says:

    It would make the the real nazi’s blush. The real nazi’s would blush.

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