WALNUT CREEK (CBS13) – A search is on for two suspects who were apparently working in tandem to steal an elderly woman’s wallet at a Northern California grocery store.

The incident happened recently at the Safeway in Walnut Creek.

Police say the suspects worked together to reach into a woman’s purse while she and other shoppers weren’t looking, then took her wallet.

Surveillance photos and video of the theft have been released, clearly showing one suspect reaching into the woman’s purse while the other suspect acted as a lookout. The suspects, who appear to be women, then walk out of the store together.

Anyone who recognizes the suspects is asked to contact Walnut Creek police.

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  1. Jim King says:

    Pieces of trash !! Would’ve loved to have interrupted that thief in mid grab !! Picking on that older lady……..I hope they get the snot knocked out of them when they trip down the stairs while getting arrested !!!

  2. Jules says:

    Your page is absolutely brutal on my connection…

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