By Rick Boone

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento McDonald’s is going to extremes to curb outside loitering. It’s playing a loud, strange sound on speakers outside the restaurant.

The property at 30th and K streets appears to be a popular homeless hangout site.

The siren is intended to annoy and reduce the number of people standing around the outside entrance, but some people aren’t going anywhere.

According to the city, the sound levels are legal.

The effort to clear out homeless loitering could backfire. Some McDonald’s customers tell us they’ll just eat a much quieter location.

“It’s going to keep me away from the drive thru,” said one customer.

The owner/operator of the restaurant texted CBS13 saying: “Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our customers and employees. We’ve been working with Sacramento police to discourage loitering outside of our restaurants. We welcome anyone inside for an enjoyable dining experience.”

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  1. Steve A says:

    The homeless are ruining businesses, residential areas, entire cities and states. They are a blight on the community and their increased numbers result in more crimes, more filth (both trash and human waste), and what we have just started to see is increased communicable diseases.

    The way that governments are dealing with the problem is not helping and in usually is making it worse. States like California is concentrating (if you can call their meager attempts that) on providing places for them to live rather than what caused the homelessness in the first place which is usually drugs/alcohol (oftentimes fueled by relaxing laws around drug use/possession like California has).

    All of this is evidenced by homeless people refusing housing because of the rules of no drugs/alcohol use allowed there, they would rather live on the streets and continue their use instead of finding a place to live.

    For all of those people who think that the homeless are just people down on their luck or mentally ill, the reality is that very few of them became homeless that way and as far as the mentally ill are concerned it’s overwhelmingly due to their drug/alcohol use.

    1. Joe says:

      Keep voting for the Democrats who are taking more care of illegals entering our country than for our very own homeless citizens and vets. The chickens have come home to roost. Just because someone is homeless does not mean he or she is a bad person!

    2. smell that smell says:

      California has officially become a sheet hole country, just like their sponsor, Mexico.

      1. John Byrd says:

        This what happens when you have Democrats running a State. Just as long as they vote Democrat, they can live in the Sanctuary city. NO FEDERAL FUNDING!!!!

  2. StubbornlyRational says:

    Liberals create more an more of these “bum-magnets.” My town had an area called “tent city.” It became a haven for criminals and drug users, and the nearby businesses and homeowner residents were constantly harassed and robbed. The local newspaper was filled with sob-stories about people “experiencing homelessness,” but few stories about senior citizens being accosted and screamed at. Finally, we had enough, and voted in a city council that did something. No more tent city.

  3. Barack Obama says:

    Boat flares help in the removal of tent cities.

  4. PETER ORILIA says:

    Kudos to McDonalds for legally and sensibly dealing with loitering. Their response was non-lethal and did not violate sound-level ordinances. There is no singular reason for homelessness. Every story is unique to the person. Eliminating homelessness is impossible for the government to accomplish. What needs to be done is not something our PC society is ready for. These tent cities need to be demolished or otherwise forcibly removed. These areas are to be sanitized and returned to the public. These measures will prevent the spreading of medieval diseases like cholera and the re-emergence of diseases thought cured: polio and measles.

  5. Handy Andy says:

    We need to recall the Governor to fix the problem because he has become part of the problem. Recall Nesom in 2020.

  6. Lou says:

    the bum said “it’s rude.” Too bad this isn’t New Jersey 30 years ago at a restaurant owned by the mob. A baseball bat is far more effective on trolls like this.

  7. Lisa says:

    I’ll eat there, never have before.

  8. says:

    Scott Presler needs to clean this area up. He’s a private volunteer who’s single-handedly cleaned out a homeless enclave in Baltimore, and he’s working on an LA one right now. He needs to go to this area next.

  9. Ranger Rick says:

    If you don’t feed, house or care for the vagrants they’ll go away.

  10. Wally Roode says:

    “Enjoyable Dining Experience?” At McDonalds?

  11. MAR100 says:

    Congratulations California, the bums, druggies and crazes who’s rights that you promote will destroy business. These are the same folks who pay the taxes that allow this nonsense to happen! What’s the plan when the money dries up & people leave the area and the tax base goes away? Liberalism works fine as long as the tax money flows!

  12. Trevor Sedis says:

    The obvious solution is to do what Democrats want: flood the nation with law-breakers with different cultural practices, rewarding them with huge welfare benefits as more and more American citizens go homeless.

  13. leeuniverse says:

    Good lord Leftists are ****….
    They actually think these sounds will stop loitering.

    Dear Leftists… This is what LAWS and their ENFORCEMENT are for.
    Loitering is a crime…. Criminals are supposed to be arrested or driven off.

    You can’t “coddle” crime. It doesn’t work. But you’re Leftists, so you don’t have brains or knowledge of history.

  14. Round up the homeless and put them on ‘homeless island.’

  15. Stephen K. O'Neal says:

    The growing homeless dimensions of our society are the grapes of wrath of a culture lost in its fourth stage malignancy of materialism. Of course, no one enjoys an interruption in their cruise to empowerment, or the unsavory, loitering reminder that one more round of false flag might collapse all of their strategic debt and send them there too. What is interesting is the fact that instead of compassion and concern for the causes, the same self-reliant conservatives shovel the responsibility off to the State in a perfect and hypocritical appeal to socialism. At least the liberals honestly embrace the proven stupidity of socialism. To what septic tank do we then flush these cretins who have evidently sprouted as a subspecies? ………..Achtung Obdachlosen!……. As far back as 1958, Jack Kerouac wrote about the soulless metastasis of sterile subdivisions filled with people disconnected from each other and from any real flavour of life, “in their white tiled bathrooms, secretly wanting to eat their smelly bath soaps.” .No one sensibly likes streets filled with homeless, or the deluge of little brown immigrants. But the solution is instead the flushing of a World Order romancing rationales fermented with existential materialism, creating strategic droughts and unnatural diasporas of Goy labour bases that are expendable in their eyes, spraying millions of tons of aluminum in its skies, and intending to bring an end to ninety percent of its population. By Pentagon estimates, a couple of high altitude nuclear detonations – and the long term loss of the grid will yield a sixty to ninety percent mortality rate within six months. Then the shoe will be on the other foot. If indeed what goes around comes around, those who cannot now see themselves in the shadowy reflection may well get the opportunity to.

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