COLFAX (CBS13) — CHP Gold Run officers had to put down a mountain lion that was struck by a car on Interstate 80 at Secret Town Friday.

The CHP said at this time of year, because of the weather changes, more cats and wildlife make their way down from higher elevations.

Officers said this mountain lion was hit by a car driving eastbound on the interstate. Its hind legs were struck by the car, and it was unable to walk, so officers had to put down along the freeway.

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The CHP is warning drivers in the Sierra to be more cautious and aware of wildlife that may wander onto the road.

Another mountain lion was hit in the same area last week, according to officers, but that cat survived.

  1. Barbara Jagoda says:

    We need more wildlife corridors (bridges) for mountain lions and other wildlife to use. These animals are just trying to survive human encroachment. In desperation, they have to cross multi lanes of speeding traffic with dire consequences.

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