By Kurtis Ming

YUBA CITY (CBS13) — A Yuba City woman says chickens have taken over her town and she’s sick of it.

She says they’re making a mess, causing damage, and no one is doing anything about it.

“When I go to unlock my front door and I got a chicken that attacks me on my head? I got a big problem with this,” Brynda Delong said. “I want the chickens gone.”

Feral chickens are invading Brynda’s home. They poop on her porch, scratch up her car and attack her on her doorstep. When showing Call Kurtis’ team the damage, Brynda singled out a particular chicken that attacked her.

“That’s the one right there that jumped on my head yesterday. I’m gonna start shaking. I’m serious,” she said. “I got home from a meeting yesterday and opened my front door and a chicken flew on my head and it would not get off my head.”

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It’s impossible to say how many have moved in, but Brynda says the smell is atrocious. She’s counted three roosters, dozens of hens and at least 25 baby chicks. And that’s just the live ones. She also showed off the more gruesome side of this chicken invasion.

“I shouldn’t have to deal with stuff like this. You can see the blood on that you know? The county doesn’t want to do anything about it. Now I get to smell another rotting chicken,” she said.

Love ’em or hate ’em, Yuba City is famous for its free-roaming chickens. Some people like to feed them in the grocery store parking lot. Animal Control said they have no idea how many feral chickens are roaming the streets.

“I’m glad they embrace them. They probably don’t have to deal with chicken crap in their yard on a daily basis or a chicken flying on your head and scratching it,” Delong said.

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Brynda wants them gone but says Sutter County is not doing anything. Animal control said they’ll take them for $25 a head, but Brynda said that’s not going to happen.

So who is responsible for removing wild chickens from private property? Megan Anderson with the Sutter County Animal Shelter said every case is different. In an agricultural community like Yuba City, removing chickens is typically up to the homeowner.

The shelter will pitch in by loaning out traps and taking in strays, but after the Call Kurtis team got involved, Anderson agreed Brynda’s case is extreme.

“It’s one thing to be annoyed by a chicken, but it’s another thing when they’re starting to jump on you and cause harm,” Anderson said.

She sent an officer out to assess Brynda’s problem. They captured the chicken that attacked her head, removed a rooster and helped Brynda remove 18 fertilized eggs, but she wants them all gone.

“It’s about time,” Brynda said. “I feel like I’m constantly looking over my back, not knowing if a chicken is going to come at me or not.”

It’s technically illegal to feed feral chickens. If caught, you could face a fine.

  1. Cheryl Hake says:

    I live in Yuba City and I happen to love the chickens! They are beautiful and are fun to watch. There always seem to be chicks of various ages, around, all the time. The chickens have been here for a long, long, time. If she didn’t like the chickens in her yard, she shouldn’t have bought a or rented a house where they lived. That chicken, who is flying on her head, is probably protecting it’s chicks. Perhaps, if she didn’t walk around, waving a stick, they wouldn’t see her as a threat. I pray that the stink she is making, doesn’t cause the city to remove all the chickens from Yuba City. I have met many people,who have traveled many miles, just to come and spend time with our chickens. Those people are, no doubt, spending money in Yuba City. Removing the chickens would hurt our economy.
    I admit, I was one of the people that enjoyed feeding the chickens. That is, until I got a warning, from Animal Control. I was told that if I was caught again, I would be fined. I asked them why it was illegal to feed them and was told that it was causing the chicken population to increase. Even I know that feeding an animal doesn’t cause them to have babies. Pretty lame reason, if you ask me.
    I wasn’t the only person, who was feeding them. I saw several older ladies, like myself, out walking around town, feeding them. That could have been the only exercise they were getting. It gave us a purpose and a chance to be outside and moving. I have noticed a decline in my ability to walk and my feelings of depression.
    Many times, people would stop me and ask, “Why do you feed the chickens?” I would reply, “Because I love them and enjoy being around them. I get to be outside, and meet nice people, like you.” People tried to give me money, to help with the cost of the chicken feed but, I wouldn’t accept. I felt like it was my gift to them and to the city.
    Don’t let people tell you that chickens are dumb. It got to the point that as soon as I pulled up into the parking lot, the chickens would come running to meet me! Then, as I walked around, the ones who didn’t see the car, saw me and ran to meet me, too.
    There are ways to coexist with the chickens. As I said before, if you don’t appear to be a threat, they won’t try to protect themselves and their chicks. In all the time I spent around the chickens, I never noticed an offensive odor. And as far as finding dead chickens in her yard, I have found dead kittens in mine. You can’t plan where an animal is going to die.
    I hope that Yuba City will continue to be known for it’s chickens and that we can continue to enjoy them. I find it sad that they have outlawed feeding them. Feeding the chickens does not cause them to reproduce! Haven’t they ever heard of the birds and the bees?

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