SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – Officers are urging drivers to slow down and use common sense when driving along levee roads.

The reminder is coming after a California Highway Patrol officer pulled over and cited a speeding driver on Highway 160 Friday morning.

An officer clocked the driver in at 98 mph in a 55 mph, two-lane levee road right next to the Sacramento River Delta, CHP says.

Further adding to the danger, it appears the vehicle cited was an SUV.

“The views on the levee roads in the Delta have beautiful views,” CHP wrote. “Slow down, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and get to your destination safely.”

Officers note that levee roads were not designed for these speeds.

The name of the driver cited was not released. CHP noted that, by law in this case, they could not impound the car.

  1. Laurent says:

    That’s horrible advice from the CHP “slow down and enjoy the beautiful scenery.” Um, NO, “keep your eyes on the road” is what I would expect CHP to tell people.

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